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Our Three I Day Progam





In July of  2005, Michael W. Thomas, Past Exalted Ruler of Brigantine Lodge #2428 was asked by Past State President, John Sentner to look into the feasibility of starting an Elks Lodge in Galloway.

 Two months later Mike, along with Robert Brittingham ,of Egg Harbor Twp Lodge, and Steve Holler, of Greater Cape May Lodge, met with the Galloway Township Mayor, Thomas Bedford and City Manager, Jill Gougher, both of which welcomed the idea of an Elks Lodge.

 Then in November of 2005 City Council of Galloway voted in favor of an Elks Lodge and the local newspaper, The Current, ran an announcement article.

In January 2006, Masonic Lodge #221 in Absecon was gracious to allow us to meet there. Pioneering this meeting were the first three members of Galloway Twp Elks Lodge, Michael W. Thomas, Exalted Ruler (President), Mickey Guarduci, Treasurer and Neil Petrocelli, Secretary. The proceedings were guided by John Betz, the District Vice President of the South District.

By the end of February, 2006, we had signed up 75 members and received our Dispensation Charter and our Number of 2845.

May 21, 2006 we held the Three I Day in Brigantine North School and there we installed 100 new members. Our First Officers were:

Exalted Ruler                          Michael W. Thomas

LeadingKnight                        Mickey Guarduci     

Loyal Knight                           Harry Walker          

Lecturing Knight                    William Lakes        

Treasurer                                Bruce Lavenia      

Secretary                               Neil Petrocelli       

Esquire                                  Michael Preissman

     Chaplain                               Robert Olivo              

Inner Guard                           Eric Howey           

Tiler                                       Dan Colasante     

1 yr Trustee                           Joan Barbara       

2yr Trustee                            John Summers     

3 yr Trustee                           Mel Cortellessa    

4 yr Trustee                           Michael Mezis      

5 yr Trustee                           Steve Delamarche

The first official meeting with Officers was held on June 6, 2006. It was agreed at that time that we would sign a two year lease for the American Legion building located on Rt 30 in Absecon.  This was a good location but the high cost of utilities and maintenance caused us not to renew the lease.

So, in 2008 we held our meetings at Galloway Township Councel for the next 3 years. In 2011, then Exalted Ruler, Joseph Aurelio, signed a lease for the rental of our current building and two years later, July 2013, we purchased the property that we had been leasing and this is where we continue to grow and prosper.

Below is a copy of our program from our "Three I Day", Institution, Initiation, Installation.

Galloway Twp Elks Lodge History

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